Referral Madness Promo

To celebrate our Referral Madness, we’re giving away $2,000 in CASH prizes to the “Top 5 Referrers” of new students to MedCerts through May 31st. These cash prizes are in addition to our regular referral bonus of $299 per enrolled referral!

How it Works

  • Register through our referral page.
  • Once you enter your info, you’ll be given a unique sharing link to give out to those you want to refer to MedCerts.
  • Every time a person you refer enrolls at MedCerts, you will be notified.
  • Every two weeks, we will send out a March Madness leaderboard to all referring registrants with the top 5 referrers.
  • You can refer out until May 31st, when the contest ends.
  • We will determine who the top 5 referrers are for the below cash prizes!
  • You will send your W-9 to [email protected] to be paid out your prize money and $299 for each referral.
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  • This promotion and our referral program is not available to Army CA students.
  • All referral payments will be paid out after the enrolled referee has been enrolled for 21+ days.
  • You will need to send a W9 to a[email protected] to be eligible to receive the $299.
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